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Linguistique de l’universel

Réflexions sur les universaux du langage, les concepts universels, la notion de langue universelle.

By Robert MARTIN, member of the Academy.
116 pages | December 2016 | 20 €.

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This book features two papers given at the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, one in May 2014 (“On the universals of language”), the other in June 2016 (on “Universal concepts”), as well as the speech given at the induction ceremony at the Académie in November 2015 (“On the notion of universal language”). All three have the common topic of languages and universality. They are reproduced here as originally written, but it has been judged useful to add not only a brief addendum explaining the theoretical options chosen, but also an additional chapter (“Linguistics and Universality”), to show how important universals of language are in conferring a scientific status on linguistics, to which it aspires. Dedicated to ‘linguistics of the universal’, this book provides an innovative synthesis within general linguistics.

Table of content

  • Préface.
  • Sur les universaux du langage.
    • Discussion.
  • Les concepts universels.
    • Discussion.
  • La langue comme support de la culture : la notion de langue universelle.
  • La linguistique et l’universalité : vers l’unification de la discipline.
  • Annexes : quelques précisions complémentaires.
    • Pour une définition opératoire de la modalité.
    • Les valeurs de vérité. Le possible comme opérateur et comme concept.
    • La prédication d’existence.

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