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Tome 45. Les monnaies du Fonds Louis Robert

par Fabrice Delrieux. Préface de Glen BOWERSOCK, associé étranger de l’AIBL, avant-propos de François de Callataÿ, correspondant étranger de l’AIBL.

400 pages
53 cartes en couleur
Année de parution : 2012
Prix : 80 €


As an unrivalled scholar of Greek epigraphy and a master of historical geography, Louis Robert (1904-1985) attached great importance to numismatics, which, he believed, “could rarely be neglected without harm”. In fact, throughout all his publications, he consistently demonstrated the fruitful results that could be drawn from coins – starting with the study of pieces he considered worth acquiring himself. The catalogue of those coins he chose to acquire reveals 1,048 Greek and Roman coins, principally from Asia Minor and especially from Caria. A number of these modest specimens have come down to us in dreadful condition, but their owner was careful to make precise notes on where they were acquired or discovered. This provides essential documentation, otherwise almost totally lacking, for anyone wanting to work on monetary circulation in Graeco-Roman antiquity.

Table of content
  • Préface de G. Bowersock
  • Avant-propos de F. de Callataÿ
  • Introduction de F. Delrieux
  • Guide de lecture du catalogue
  • Catalogue
  • Indices
  • Bibliographie
  • Cahier des cartes
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