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Tome 53. Monsieur le Professeur… Correspondances italiennes (1853-1888). Theodor Mommsen, Carlo Promis, Domenico Promis, Vincenzo Promis

By Silvia Giorcelli Bersani and Filippo Carlà-Uhink
Preface by Marco Buonocore - Introduction by Gian Franco Gianotti
334 pages
January 2019 - 35€


In the central decades of the 19th century, when both the Italian and German unifications took place, Turin and Berlin were also connected by strong scholarly interests. At the Berlin Academy of Sciences, Theodor Mommsen was working at the major project of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum, whose fifth volume includes the inscriptions from Piedmont. Mommsen traveled to Piedmont several times, but he mostly relied, as everywhere else, on trusted local scholars. His most important friend and collaborator in Turin was the architect, and historian, Carlo Promis, who acted as the “hub” and communication partner for a relevant group of Italian intellectuals, including Carlo Baudi di Vesme and Ariodante Fabretti, but also his brother and nephew, Domenico and Vincenzo Promis. This volume provides the commented edition of the entire correspondence between Mommsen and the three Promis, and reconstructs the historical, political, and cultural context in which the fifth volume of the CIL was achieved.

Table of contents

Préface par Marco Buonocore
Présentation et remerciements
Abréviations et bibliographie générale
Introduction par Gian Franco Gianotti

I. – Theodor Mommsen à Turin

I.1. Theodor Mommsen et la « Sainte Trinité »
I.2. Antiquitates à Turin au XIXe siècle
I.3. Turin et Berlin : relations diplomatiques, relations scientifiques
I.4. « Une épigraphie démoralisée » : Mommsen, chercheur d’inscriptions
I.5. Une formidable galerie de faussaires
I.6. L’affaire d’Arborea

II. – Correspondance et dossiers épistolaires

II.1. La correspondance de Theodor Mommsen avec Carlo Promis. Remarque préliminaire. Repères bibliographiques
II.2. La correspondance de Theodor Mommsen avec Vincenzo Promis. Remarque préliminaire. Repères bibliographiques
II.3. La correspondance de Theodor Mommsen avec Domenico Promis. Remarque préliminaire. Repères bibliographiques

Annexes I. Mommsen et la Vallée d’Aoste
II. La « République des lettres »

Index par Mattia P. Balbo
Table des planches

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