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Documents relatifs à l’histoire des croisades - Tome XXIII

Propriétés rurales et urbaines à Damas au Moyen Âge Un corpus de 73 documents juridiques entre 310/922 et 669/1271

written and presented by Jean-Michel Mouton, Dominique Sourdel (†) et Janine Sourdel-Thomine

561 pages
June 2018

This book presents 73 notarial deeds preserved in the Middle Ages in the repository of old papers of the Great Mosque of Damascus where documents of more or less religious nature were stored. The selection presented is mainly on deeds of sale, but also on leases, certificates of ownership and donations in the form of waqf relating to the rural and urban properties of Damascus and its oasis, the Ghouta. The buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants that appear in this documentation belonged mainly to the middle classes of the Arab-Muslim society and they allow us to discover unknown aspects of the life of these active and commercial people who marked the time of the Crusades. This is a new image of the Syrian capital that is offered to us through its activities and housing. Thus again the land tenure of the Damascene society over the orchards of the Ghouta and the major peripheral domains is also revealed.

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