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Session of January 13

Information note of M. Jean-Bernard de Vaivre, French correspondent of the Academy : « Les tapisseries du palais magistral de Rhodes ».

Lecture of de M. Vujadin Ivanišević, Foreign correspondent of the Academy: « Une capitale revisitée : Caricin Grad (Serbie) ».

Abstract : The restoration of the administration under Anastasius I in Northern Illyricum has contributed to the growth of urban life. Part of the restoration program, especially that of Justinian I, consisted in founding new cities. One of these cities, newly erected in the Balkans, was Justiniana Prima (Caričin Grad).
Thanks to the archaeological excavations initiated several decades ago, a large number of urban complexes have been excavated. The new researches at Caričin Grad, carried out over the past five years, have largely complemented our picture of the town’s urban development, thanks to the discovery of several new buildings and structures.
This research made it possible to recognize suburbs, with an area of 8 ha, the lines of the ramparts, the route of the aqueduct, the main surrounding fortresses, as well as the remains of a large number of buildings. On the other hand, the results of the geophysical surveys revealed the existence of complementary defences in the form of palisades, five new basilicas and several housing sectors comprising a whole series of small houses. New researches conducted since 2014 involve studying in the field of archeobotany, archeozoology, archeopaedology and geology. The first results provided important information about the population’s diet and the economic activity of the city.
The new discoveries, especially the detection of new areas of the city, five new basilicas added to the ten others previously excavated and new finds show that Caričin Grad (presumably Justiniana Prima) played an important role in the 6th century in the center of the Northern Illyricum. The city began to decline towards the end of the 6th century and was finally abandoned in the first decades of the 7th century, leaving a precious testimony to the significance of Justinian’s renaissance both distant from the capital and major currents of the Empire.

Keywords : Caričin Grad, Justiniana Prima, Illyricum, Justinian I, Polis


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