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Session of April 8

Lectures of Mrs Nicole Bériou, correspondent of the Academy : “Un lieu de culte parisien oublié. La tombe de frère Réginald d’Orléans, de l’ordre des Prêcheurs († 1220)”

Reginald of Orléans, a close companion of Dominique of Caleruega, predeceased him by only a year. Reginald left his mark on the opening decade of the Dominican Order by giving exceptional impetus to the recruitment of the first generation of friars in the schools, first in Bologna and then Paris. When he died, a popular cult sprang up around his tomb at Sainte-Marie-des-Champs. How and why did Parisians continue to venerate this site for several hundred years? And how did Dominicans in Paris and elsewhere view Reginald before his official beatification per viam cultus in 1875? A comparison of the best known vestiges of his cult and a few virtually unknown documents has led to a new examination of the dossier and proposals for its interpretation.

Réginald of Orléans ; Dominicans ; Popular Cult ; Tomb ; Paris


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