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Session of april 15

Lectures of M. François Fossier, Under the patronage of MM. Marc FUMAROLI and Michel ZINK : « Leibnitz et l’Académie. La querelle de l’origine des Francs ».


The discovery of the « Pilier des Nautes » (now at the museum of Cluny) during the excavations in the chor of Notre-Dame of Paris in 1710 was not only this one of earliest gallic sculpture, but the interpretation given by Baudelot de Dairval, academician of the Académie des inscriptions since 1705, have aroused many exigency about the Celtics origines of the french people, specially from this fellow Moreau de Mautour and mainly from Leibniz in a unplublished letter (B.n.F.) who stand fort champion of the approach to a Germanic origin. The quarell who know a revival by Fréret, five years later, was very important and worrying for the french Monarchy because she was convinced that she was the natural heiress of the Roman Empire.
There the first stape of a quarell who remain during all the Enlightment Century.


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