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Sponsoring the activities of the Academy can take the form of either an endowment or the creation of prizes. These types of funding are defined in clear detail and are scrupulously complied with according to the wishes of the donors or legatees. The Academy’s very nature assures their longevity and are subjected to the rigourous principles of public management excluding any decrease of the capital assets.

Thanks to the prizes the Academy awards and to the revenues of its endowments, it is able to support the development of publications in the various domains that lie within the competence of it (Prehistory, Orientalism, from the Middle East to Asia, the classical antiquity, the Middle Ages, and Modernity). Of course, the attentive and rigorous care it has put into this fundamental task would not amount to much if first it did not show its steadfast interest to the developing research. The Academy thus encourages work in the various domains of scholarship and knowledge (history, archaeology, philology, linguistics, art history, etc.), and helps in the fields the archaeological digs, which require personal commitments but also important financial means.

Among the benefits that we can gain from the endowment creation at the “Académie des Inscriptions et Belles -Lettres”, apart from being assured of international renown, a constancy of accomplishments, as well as autonomy of action, it is also important to consider the financial benefits to the donor such as : - Inheritance transfer taxes exemption ; - Reductions in income tax : 50% of the donation is directly deductible from taxable income (limited to 6% of taxable income) according to Article 200 of the general tax code, etc. Businesses are authorized to deduct from the amount of their taxable profits (up to 3.25 ‰ of their turnover) the donation that they have made according to Article 238 of the general tax code. (check your own country’s related tax benefits)

At the beginning of this millennium, the “Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres” considers itself at the forefront of the scholarly and cultural institutions of France. Inheriting a longstanding tradition of humanism, and scholarly conservation devoted to the study of human cultures and societies in all their historic and geographical diversity, the Academy is also a laboratory of ideas attentive to the new innovations.

To participate in the activities of the Academy is to contribute in the maintaining and developing of French archaeological and historic research. It is to give scholars the means to continue their work. It is to create the favorable conditions for sometimes spectacular discoveries. For more information, please write to

Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres 23, quai de Conti - 75006 Paris mail : secretaireperpetuel@aibl.fr


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